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Heavy Rain – Depress Your Way to Trophies

19 Feb

Have you played Heavy Rain yet? If you haven’t, you should. Not that I have – I’m way too much of a nervous player to be able to hit all those buttons quickly enough under pressure. But I was content to watch while my husband played. By reading this blog you’ve probably started to understand that I don’t enjoy watching most of the crap he plays. I assumed the same of Heavy Rain, so when he started the game I immediately went on Wikipedia and learned who the killer was. And that still didn’t make the game any less amazing.

Quickie back story: Guy named Ethan is happy and has a wife and two kids. At a crowded mall one day the older boy, Jason, runs off and gets hit by a car. Ethan tries to save him, but the kid ends up dying. (Also, I don’t understand why a 10 year old would not only wander away like a confused puppy, but leave the mall and cross the street.) 2 years later, Ethan is depressed and not dealing too well with his other son, Shaun. Then Shaun goes and gets himself kidnapped because Ethan has the worst luck with kids ever and it looks like he’s been taken by the Origami Killer – this sicko who kidnaps boys and drowns them a few days later. Working on the case is Norman Jayden, an FBI agent with the coolest glasses ever and an unfortunate drug addiction. And this photographer named Madison Paige gets drawn into the events and shows off her hardcore Florence Nightengale syndrome. There’s also Scott Shelby, a private detective hired by the victim’s families to look into the murders. You play as all these characters and are constantly making quick decisions that effect the outcome of the game. So there are a ton of different endings.

Okay, quick warning. If you haven’t played the game and want to, stop reading now. If you have no interest in this game, it’s your loss, keep reading and I’ll keep you entertained. If you already played the game or don’t care about being spoiled for endings you probably won’t see unless you actively try to fail, you can keep going too.

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