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The Countdown – 5.9.11

9 May

1. The PSN is still down. In other news, Nintendo wants to remind everyone that online play for the Wii still works, and four people are currently using it. Only three of them are Nintendo employees.

2. So…the price of Portal 2 is dropping all over the place for some reason, but I STILL can’t find a deal for Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars for PS3?! Also, where are the used copies? You WILL trade yours in.

3. Apparently there’s some Call of Duty announcement coming soon. The only announcement I wanna hear is that they are not making any more of these games. EVER. Somehow doubt it’ll be anything close to that.

4. There’s a free Square Enix game for the iPad called Imaginary Range. Of course I downloaded it. It’s like an interactive comic book. …I also discovered an app that lets you watch Call of Duty videos. If your life is that sad, please seek help.

5. The number of iPad games I downloaded this past weekend from Big Fish games. Shut up, they were having a sale.

6. What? You want actual news? Fine. There’s going to be 2 L.A. Noire soundtracks released along with the game.

7. Rock Band needs to stop posting all the awesome songs they’re releasing for download as long as the PSN is down. It’s making me…er…people…sad.

8. VIDEO: PORTAL 2 SPOILERS! If you’ve beaten the game, click here. If not, I warned you.

9. VIDEO: Donkey Kong’s gotta point

10. VIDEO: Dolphins are stupid.

11. 8 Weird boss fights.

12. Still Alive covershe’s got a nice voice, but I think GLaDOS would be pissed.

[Weird Video Game Product Promotion] Rock Band and…Razors?

6 Apr

So I’m flipping through the coupon booklets like I do every week because I like to save a buck, and what do I find? This.

Now… I’m finding it hard to believe that this is the best target audience for this product. Granted, all adults need razors, unless you’re really into the natural thing or have a beard like Grizzly Adams. But how many people are buying great amounts of disposable razors?

I don’t know what your grooming habits are, but I have a razor that is not disposable. Do I own disposable razors? Yes, but I only take them with me on trips. And they sure as hell are the cheapest brand money can buy. Because they’re disposable, and therefore as long as they do their job one time, I’m pretty much good to go.

I am a huge Rock Band fan. I have all the instruments, I regularly download new tracks and change my avatar’s clothing on a semi-regular basis. But even I’m not about to buy razors just for a download code. Especially not for free pro tracks. I play for fun – I don’t play pro anything. (Okay, occasionally keyboard, but it’s not a pretty sight. My friends will back me up on this.)

I’m all for video games and personal hygiene products getting together – if I gotta buy something anyway, a video game promo might sway my dollar – but I think this one just missed the mark.

The Countdown – 3.21.11

21 Mar

1. Nerdy desserts! The last one is especially awesome.

2. Here are some nifty screenshots from L.A. Noire – hey, it’s a slow news week.

3. More Billy Joel songs coming to Rock Band. Yes, please take more of my money, Harmonix.

4. 20 really awful video game covers. Seriously, what were they thinking with some of these? Wax figures and A Clockwork Orange, I can only assume.

5. Well, looks like somebody got the Kinect to work with the PS3.

6. Snake’s on a plane!

7. 5 Characters talk about being rejected from Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

8. The 3DS comes out this weekend! Have yours preordered? Not interested? I have mine preordered, but I’m not getting any games. Glad it comes with those cards that turn into games.

The Countdown – 1/11/11

11 Jan


That’s a lotta 1’s up there, is what that is.

So THE COUNTDOWN – this is a weekly post that will have a number of things worth noting – news and links and random lists I come up with. The number will change weekly, based on a theme or the date or how lazy I feel.

Today, in celebration of all those 1’s – we’re gonna go with 11.

Not 1. That would be really lazy.

Okay. So here we go.

1. Gamestop reports record holiday sales – Maybe because they discounted practically nothing while every other retailer that sold games was playing hard ball. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but if you bought your games from Gamestop this holiday season, you got ripped off.

2. In looking for images for an upcoming blog, I ran across this link at the Penny-Arcade forums. It leads to a thread called Let’s Play Final Fantasy VII! A Tale of Revenge, Redemption and Ridiculosity. It’s complete with screenshots, and it’s hilarious. I strongly recommend checking it out.

3. Q&A with the director of the new Kingdom Hearts game, Re:coded. Here’s a question – why do all these portable games suck?

4. Love this Penny Arcade comic. His bed’s gonna be empty come morning.

5. The battery on 3DS only lasts 3 -5 hours?! OMG! Insanity!  You might have to…do…something…else? (Or charge it? Not play it so much while you’re sitting in the field with the sheep all day?)

6. Wesley Snipes lends himself to a download game coming this June. At least it’s not tax software.

7. Linkin Park coming to Rock Band today. Yay! A band I’ve heard of!

3 reasons why the women in the Assassin’s Creed universe are stupid to be whores and ever want to have sex at all:

8. Reason 1 – Um, do you know how many other skanks these men are banging? They probably have like 10 STD’s, almost all of which have not been properly identified yet by medical science that mostly relies on leeches and scaring the devil out by not bathing to cure anything.

9. Reason 2 – Birth control? Um…not even a phrase yet.

10. Reason 3 – And when your dumb ass does get knocked up, the odds of you and/or your child dying as a result of the birth is extremely high. So go ahead – screw around with that handsome stranger. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

11. And I leave you all this week with this hilarity… It can’t be real, and yet, I’m sure there are people out there like this, which is scary.